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Интервью с владельцем питомника "del Peodoro" Gabri (Italy)

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Отправлено 26 октября 2012 - 22:44

1. The interst about this breed start in the years 1988-89, when i working to a shop and see my First shar pei at that time this breed was Soooo expencive, so i just ask to the owners, where he bought him, and he said from England. In the 1991 my husband find a newspapirs with and AD where here in Italy they sold a shar pei litters, so, we immediatly call the number and some weeks after we had our first shar pei a cream brush coat boy called Gialou's Pompeo.
2. One i liked and still like, is Edison Del Peodoro a Hc boy now 9 years old, he have strong bone, and so good stright front, perfect scissor bite with complete dentitions, and a temper to die for. Other is his daughter Trilly always a Hc's.
3. Just thinking that the perfection is impossible, but if i can get a magic touch, i will said: a dog with good general proportion, a good top line, that show also in black and white that this is a silhouette of a shar pei, with proper rear angulations, and stright front legs, good head balanced with small ears well setled, and tail so curled and so hight , eyes dark almond shape, and perfect scissor bite with full dentitions, and a really Black pigmentation of tongue, and cave, short hair so harsh and standing , and... a perfect movers with great temper! That is my Dream!

4. I think surely the temper was improved, and also the front, and the bones. Also if in the last years I've see dogs too small, as height, with short front legs, and so soft metacarpus.
5. i look first in a puppy the general apparence, and also the temper,I try to see if he own a special "look at me" , then i start to look all the other things, even we know that pup can change so much, and till he will not show the final change of teeths.. and all other things as pigmentation, ecc.

6. I start about two months to put pup on the table, and touch him and look at his bite, then with the lead but very little, just as s short play, with of course then if he "worked well" a good prize for him..
7. First thing for me is a good choice of the mating.. good parents, with good attitude and health.. for the future (maybe) dog champion, then a good quality dog food and many cares and many love!
8. my dogs eating dry dog food from Italy plus some addiction, as natural tun, fish, cottege cheese ecc.
9. I think inbreeding is a good think, and necessary, but you must to be sure what is back and working with Healthy dogs
10. I think temperament surely can be already about ancestors ecc, but also can change for bad experience, and surely in some case you can help him and correct him, all depends on the gravity of the situation. Every dog have his own story
11. Oups, I'm not a Prof. Handler, so i can just said that i try to work with my dogs, every day just for 5 minuts, always with a play manner, and try to communicate this feeling of communion, to work togheder and have fun togheder, without many stress, must to be just for fun! but sometime some dogs just don't like the shows, so is much harder
12. I wish to Russian breeders to own much more Hc's Hahaha! ;) and to work with them too, but this is my wish to Italian breeders too!!!

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